«Inside Out» by Tiffany Christina Lewis. (no spoilers!)

I gotta love my crime writers, I swear. Crime books give me liiiiife!

Anyways, you know how much I love crime, mystery and thrillers, they make me happy (I know it sounds weird but you get where I’m going) and more so when they have relatable characters, lovable characters, a well written story and a well written/driven villain. This book had all of that and more.

We start with the murder of a man at the hands of another man. It’s a gruesome scene but nicely written.

That ‘s the plot. Murder MURDER MURDEEEER and also love, because our main character has a love interest and that’s so nice! 

The crime is investigated by Detective Michael Taylor, who I keep picturing like Shemar Moore but then I was told he looks more like Michael B. Jordan and that makes me happier than I’ve been in a while! This is what I like about this book: the details. I love how the writer describes the characters, his mannerisms and his personality. He’s hard worker and dedicated, just like a great detective should be (I want to give details but I also want you TO READ IT!) also he DOESN’T drink coffee, which I don’t know why I think it’s cool?? He’s the first detective/cop who’s not addicted to caffeine like everyone else. (MINOR SPOILER, sorry!) 

Like I mentioned above, Michael has a love interest and as we see the story progress we also see their relationship progress. Vanessa is a stripper but that’s not a problem for Michael, that’s another plus. Why? because you actually see men complaining about women working as exotic dancers so often is annoying, as if that kind of job immediately labels you as a whore, which is obviously wrong on so many levels! Michael is okay with it because that’s how they met and that’s what she does for a living and she can be as independent as anyone. 

THAT is the only detail of the story you’ll get from me, because I want you to read it THAT’S why!

Now, let’s talk about the bad guy, shall we? Without giving too much away, that is. The villain has a motive and that, my friends, is the coolest thing. Why? Because villains are often written as someone who wants to be bad for the sake of being bad, because they want power, or money or just because! This bad dude has a motive, he’s being bad because he thinks he’s doing the right thing, because he believes he has a powerful reason for all the evilness. He believes he’s bringing justice to those who have suffered, no matter the consequences, no matter who might die in the process. Now THAT’s what I call a good villain. 

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! This is the type of story that makes you crave for more, you want to keep reading, you want to know more about the characters, see them in action. 

Would I re-read this book? I probably will! 

Is there more? Yes, there are two other Michael Taylor stories (YAY!) that can be found on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Rating: 5/5 stars!

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